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May 10, 2013


Effective immediately, MACA Supply Company is discontinuing our line of Dutch Ovens.


Those with current orders need not worry, we will fulfill your orders as promised in a timely manner and continue to stand behind our product and promises.


We have enjoyed the time spent with a marvelous community at Dutch Oven Shows and interacting with so many wonderful people.  We would like to thank all for their kind words and advice and wish everyone who reads this the best of luck.


MACA Supply Company is fine so please don't worry about us.  With other manufacturers expanding their market with products similar to ours and the unprecedented growth of our Industrial Casting line, it no longer makes sense for us to remain in the Dutch Oven market.


Thank you again to all of the loyal customers who have purchased one of our ovens and the other friends we have made along the way,


MACA Supply Company



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                                   Quality Deep Dutch Ovens